Terms & Conditions

Bank account details provided by the customer would be final and any
error in the details provided by the customer would not be the
responsibility of the brand.
The customer will be under an obligation to take utmost care of the
product(s) whilst the products are in their possession. This includes all
of the product(s) instructions, documents and wrappings while
returning the product(s) in the same condition as received.
In circumstances where the customer feels that the product does not
conform to the standards at the time of delivery, they shall promptly
contact us via our mail care@shoppinglikes.com with details of the product
and its damage within 1 day of receiving the products; whereon, the
customer will receive instructions from us.
Upon return of the product, we will fully examine it and notify the
customer of their right to a refund (if any) via e-mail within a reasonable
period of time. We aim to process the refund as soon as possible and,
in any case, within 30 working days of the day, we confirmed to the
customer via e-mail that they are entitled to a refund.
If any promotional/coupon code is redeemed during a purchase, the
full amount will be refunded as store credit. In case of a non-
promotional purchase, the full amount will be credited to the bank